director of photography


I have worked in the television industry since 1990 beginning in stop frame animation & puppet making. Then working through the ranks as camera assistant and operator to DoP. I have worked on Series, documentaries, commercials, promo's for broadcast & corporate programmes on locations around the world. I am at home whether I am lighting a 60 foot wide studio set or cramming a dozen musicians into a tiny dressing room for an acoustic session and I really enjoy being able to work on both the large scale jobs and one man band gigs.



ELS - Katie Melua "Wonderful Life" pop promo

Warner Music - Kylie, Duran Duran, Suede, Blur, Ed Sheehan, David Gilmour, Paolo Nutini, Christina Perri, Richard Hawley, Jason Mraz live session and interviews

Future Forever - craft spots

Darrall MacQueen - "Teletubbies" stills photography

CH.5 - Football promo

ELS - Overtones xmas commercial

Disney - "Cheesestrings", Primark "Frozen", Argos "Frozen", Disney "Princess Academy" commercials

Mainframe - Disney "Cars", "William Hill" commercial

Nickelodeon - “Get your skills on” promo

CSU - “Winx” apparel commercial

Disney - Channel idents

Nickelodeon - “McBusted” award sequence

CH.5 - Channel idents



Documentary - "School, what is it good for?" 

Discovery Home & Leisure - Fly fishing with Botham and friends

Discovery Real Time - Wild Fishing” with Henry Gilbey Series 1 & 2. Bazaruto, Norway, Scilies, Sark, Ireland

Nickelodeon - Kushaboom, Fitphonix,  My Favourite Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Stories & Early Worms with Arnie & Barnie

Discovery Home & Leisure - Fishing with Spencer. Big Brother turned fisherman. Canada, Gambia, Norway, Poland

CH.4 - Derren Brown-”Trick of the Mind”




CH.4 - The Inbetweeners

CH.4 - Derren Brown - Trick or Treat

ABC - Strictly Come Dancing USA

Challenge - Casino Casino (Series 1,2)

MTV - Sex Degrees of Separation, Pants off Dance off

ITV1 - Dishing The Dirt

BBC - The Underdog Show, Child of our time

Skaramoosh - Cashing in, Ancestors, Legend of the living dead, Come to your senses

National Geographic - Riddles of the dead

BBC - Chelsea flower show, Living the dream

Living TV - Girls behaving badly